Welcome to Mikipedia, a listing, in no particular order, of the true origin, nature and definition of your favourite people, terms, phrases and cultural references. Everything anyone else says is complete balderdash.

Helen Clark [Sheepanese for “freedom fighter”]

For years I’ve been saying that Helen Clark was, in fact, a sheep in (very clever) disguise. I firmly believed ‘they’ had begun to organise themselves, and it was only a matter of time before they started to move. ‘It’ was one small but crucial part of a broader, long-term sheep rebellion to overthrow New Zealand’s governmental system, and I remained concerned until she was replaced by John Key, a human. Who may yet prove to be a robot.

Kangaroo Court [Kang as in ANGRY, and Roo as in RUTHLESS]

Australians live in perpetual fear of kangaroos taking control [see Helen Clark]. The launching point for this fear also saw the birth of the term ‘kangaroo court’ – the famous “State v. Gentle Bob’s Completely Safe Smarter Family Pet Growth Hormones” case. Those were dark times. Which is why we subsequently put them on the menu.


Noun, Verb, Adjective – this word has it all. Nominally a person inhabiting the White House, upon being elected President, people began to “Obama” other people, by which they meant defeat them in a spectacular and landmark fashion “Yo dude, he just Obama’d yo’ butt”. Also an expression of angst at the thought of a number of his policies actually being implemented, not a few people began to say things such as: “Damn. What Obama”.


NOT transliterated Arabic words.



  1. Very clever! Keep up the great, insightful thoughts. Ausies ROCK!

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