Collection of Quotes

Below is a collection of timely and/or timeless quotes I’ve found floating around. To be added to over time.


Wein, Rabbi Berel:

Then the voice of the Lord asks the question of all questions: “Where are you?” This is not a question that refers to Adam’s location on earth; rather, it is the deep, probing question of self-assessment that governs all of life’s actions and vicissitudes.

Every moment of our waking lives, the question “Where are you?” is directed at us. And hiding in the bushes does not help, for the question eventually emanates from within our deepest being and cannot be wished away or ignored indefinitely. After centuries of secularism – “Where are you?” After decades of peacemaking and unilateral concessions – “Where are you?” After the pursuit of material goods to the exclusion of all else – “Where are you?” There is no hiding place from that question. It is what guides and informs our personal and national lives.


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