About The Mind of Michael/”MOM” (What The?)

The Mind of Michael is an interesting place.


Many thoughts on as many different subjects pass through this incredibly handsome, witty, utterly delectable and passionate mind, and I dutifully offer only the best samples here for your tasting. [Schyeah, that won’t always happen, let’s face it.]


Questions? Comments? Violent objections?


Should you subsequently discover the urge to explode in an expression of sheer ecstasy as a result of your lips having gently kissed this mind (understandable, really), or perhaps an urge to spit out your mouthful in a tidal wave of disgust (again, also understandable), please record the shape of your unique splattering in a comment.


Mind Your Categories


The categories are instructive. Take “The Thankful Mind” for instance. It’s where I intend to record notable experiences for which I am most grateful, to others and/or to G-d. The concept of Hakarath Hattob/Hakarat Hatov is extremely important to me. Saying thank you has the most incredible effect on one’s interpersonal relationships and that of person-to-G-d. What I have found is that the more you recognise and remember the good done to you or for you in the past, the more you will know it when you see it in the future. And the more you will want to replicate this feeling for others by doing good for them. This makes life more enjoyable, as in this way these experiences don’t pass you by like nameless faces on a busy metropolitan sidewalk.

Minds That Bind include shared experiences with friends worth mentioning.

The Curious Mind is where questions pop in, or up. Curious connoting either ‘odd’ or ‘inquisitive’.

The Fantastic Mind is where imagination runs wild, like so many horses and gerbils. Wild gerbils.

The Scatterbrained Mind – well, see for yourself. ;-)

Enjoy the ride. It’s free, and it’s highly nutritious.



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