Posted by: mjss26 | August 24, 2010

Organic food revisited

People are confused about organics. I think minimum requirements should be built into a mandatory standard for anyone using the word ‘organic’ in their product labelling or ingredients or else risk fines for misleading and deceptive conduct.

No harmful pesticides or chemicals is top of the list, and if they want no-GM products then fine. I don’t personally see it as a problem as long as sufficient testing and research has gone into the impact of the modification.

Routine soil testing  at multiple points around the crops – essentially test near the borders separating any other crops that do use pesticides etc, as well as one test in the centre of the crop. And a sufficient soil depth dependent on type of crop needs to be tested to ensure that water run-off doesn’t affect any otherwise directly organic crops.

After all, one can hardly call one’s crop ‘organic’ no matter how pure the water you water it with – if next door’s toxic water is nourishing the crop from below.

Seems fairly basic to me. CSIRO involvement, maybe?


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