Posted by: mjss26 | April 21, 2010

Smart shopper? most of us get taken for a ride

A while back I noted that chocolates were smaller and smaller, yet cost the same.

I also watched Dan Ariely’s presentation at a TED conference. [Side note, a video that should be good for the sceptics in all of us: James Randi’s the dude that offers a cool $1m to anyone that can prove they have supernatural powers]

In a move that makes me fear an economist has direct and constant access to my brain with all it’s linkages, Ross Gittins writes today on what is a rather more fleshed-out look on how we make decisions when shopping. It also gives us pause for thought when we propose to buy anything. Most of us at least desire, deep down, to be and to act smartly, and not remain dumb and vulnerable. Most.


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